• ZT shpping

Multiple platform options

Today’s D2C ecommerce merchants face intense competition. Your work isn’t done after your customers have completed their transactions. The delivery process is a critical component of the customer experience. Consumers expect convenient and personalized shipping solutions that meet their needs.

For many D2C ecommerce businesses, offering a 2-day Amazon-like shipping service is no longer just an option. Instead, it is the key to staying competitive, driving conversions, and building customer loyalty. This is not an easy feat, mainly due to the complexity of the logistics industry. You need 100% visibility and seamless control over every part of your fulfillment process to make that happen. ZT tech support you to achieve this goal:

1. Webship: Use the webship platform we provided to create waybills.

2. Shipstation: Use your existing shipstation platform connects to ours to create the waybill.

3. API: Link with your company's system, and use your company's system to make waybills.

Our tech drives the future of logistics management. We help you simplify package delivery through technology, reliability, speed, and price by leveraging in-motion supply chain assets to give you the best shipping options available in real-time.